Back to the old grind!

Have finally managed to get my head into a New Year and back to work mode, boy it was hard! Being dragged back to reality and back to frantic mornings getting the kids up, breakfast down them and into school uniforms and out of the house in time without having a nervous breakdown. In fact the tension has been brewing, just trying to get them to bed earlier than the holiday timetable, which seemed to have crept later and later and almost ended up them putting me to bed, but I did find a great incentive, buy new bedding and save it for tempting them to bed early!!!

The one good thing about the end of Christmas holidays is taking down all the decorations, which was lovely, as now my house seems much large and for a short while tidier! Now that I’m back to near normality it’s a case of trying to sort out the next school holidays, actually I think once you have children your calendar changes and your world is consumed by school holidays including the ever-growing inset days! Found a fantastic range of holiday clubs as well as workshops that are perfect for school holidays. Helps enormously if you have to rely on loving family members as childcare back up, gives them a break and the kids love it.

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