Doing Up Kids Bedrooms

We’ve just moved house, the excitement and total chaos are at full swing and that’s just the dog! We’ve sort of moved sideways size wise but the new house needs total re-decorating so furnishing the children’s bedrooms has become a bit of an obsession. There is so much to choose from and our little darlings are very definite about what they would like and keeping within budget is proving to be a problem.

Our eldest boy is 7, very into Ben 10, would like themed co-ordinated bedding and furnishings throughout, bearing in mind that only 6 months ago his obsession was Spiderman, you can see my reluctance to dive in and be-deck the room in Ben 10, we are battling towards a compromise at the moment, but it’s not looking good. My middle girl is 5, all pink and fluffy, we’re not quite into Barbie everything but we are heading towards pepto bismol pink, you’ll need glasses to enter the room. She’s chosen an adorable princess bed with matching wardrobe and chest of drawers, I love them, my husband baulked at the price but once he’d had a lie down and his little girl had worked on him they’re on the list. My youngest, she’s 8 months old, is obviously the simplest. We have been looking at a whole range of gorgeous nursery furniture, but the cot is proving to be the thing, do we opt for a cot bed so she can grow into it or use her old hand-me-down cot for the moment until she’s old enough for a proper bed? There is so much choice for nursery furnishings, furniture and bedding, I’m exhausted, I don’t care about our bedroom, we’ll sleep in a big box, with the lid on.

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