Why online Xmas Shopping is the way forward!

Decided to attack my Christmas shopping this weekend at a busy shopping centre with four boys, two teenagers, a 5 year old, an 8 year old and my elderly mother, am I mad? Well, yes, in retrospect I was tired, slightly hung over from a party the night before and on the verge of developing a stinking cold so I really wasn’t in a fit state of mental health to make this sort of decision. Anyway, off we trot , me dragging the boys, I’ve given up trying to surprise them with presents on Christmas day, I can’t bear any more disappointing looks, and my poor mother who kept asking me repeatedly what we were doing and why, very exhausting. Fought our way through armies of buggies and pushchairs all intent on running us over, and groups of stroppy teens who for some reason always decide to stop and chat right in the middle of the walkways. Finally three hours later we have bought three items and are sitting at a restaurant having a well-earned rest, then it came to me what am I doing here? I often have these thoughts, I’m obviously more like my mother than I really want to admit to, anyway, later on at home it came to me, what I should have done was sit at home in a comfy chair and buy online, I gave it a go and came across some fab sites with a great selection of companies offering gifts for the whole family, excellent children’s clothing, toys for all ages and all from the comfort of home, couldn’t be easier, I’m a total convert and may never step into a shop again, bliss!!

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