Why is it important for children to learn how to code?

Children's computer programming classes with Software Academy

Computer programming for kids with Software Academy

A book can be written about a myriad of reasons that children should learn how to code. Programming opens their minds to critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

We are living in the most fascinating age of technology and a qualification in coding can open doors to universities and a wealth of job opportunities. Children are our future, so we should give them the skills required to flourish technologically.

If we look back on our own education we were always better at those subjects we enjoyed learning. Today, children are no different but learning is so much easier. However, you may be concerned about the amount of screen time they experience so it’s worth putting that screen time to good use.

At Software Academy we offer live streamed, online courses enabling students to learn programming with tutors evaluating their work in real-time.

So let’s analyse the benefits of learning to code.

Problem solving

A basic understanding of coding and computers allows kids to appreciate how things work. They also learn that software engineers use mathematics to solve problems logically and creatively. Coding is a great way to learn these essential skills at a young age.

Throughout their lives children and adults encounter all sorts of problems. Being able to resolve them allows us to overcome adversity and deal with hurdles thrown in our way. Learning to code gives kids an opportunity to develop problem solving skills which will benefit them enormously in later life.

Learning to code is challenging and kids will fail from time to time. This is not a negative. It’s a positive because as they ‘debug ‘ the code they’ve created, they’ll bounce back from failure and enjoy doing so in the process.

It’s good to fail from time to time because humans tend to learn from their own mistakes, rather than those of other people. When the coding they create isn’t working, they learn how to put it right and achieve the results they want.

Logical thinking

Learning how to think is important for young minds. To program a computer, it takes much more than typing code. Computer programmers use logic to resolve problems effectively. This means they have to apply logical thinking, breaking down a big problem into smaller components, otherwise known as decomposition. In this way they can efficiently and effectively solve the problem.

In basic coding kids are given an obscure idea and encouraged to use their creativity to transform it into something effective. They may have to try a few times to find the solution but all the time they are trying, they are developing their logical thinking skills

Confident creativity

A coding course gives children a sense of achievement when they design and create something of their own. It allows them to be creative and builds their confidence as tutors praise or critique their work. It may be designing an app or computer game which they love doing. When they achieve what they set out to do, they’ll be motivated to create more. And they’ll have confidence in their creative ability.

When kids learn to code and produce their very own game they have great fun doing it and are positively excited about their next creation. They learn that coding isn’t boring and indeed provides a lot of fun and entertainment.

At some point they may create a game such as Fortnite, Candy Crush or Minecraft that could secure their financial future for life. Or maybe they’ll create an award winning educational game or app.

Getting a university place or a job

A qualification in computer coding may make a difference in getting accepted by your child’s first choice of university, as opposed to their second. But more importantly it’s a skill that will always be required for the foreseeable future.

Children who learn to code will have more advantages over those that don’t irrespective of which industry they choose to work in. They’ll always find employment opportunities in the technology, health, financial and retail sectors to name but a few.

As technology advances, demand for computer programmers increases. Qualified and experienced coders are some of the most sought after professionals in almost every industry. Skills in the software industry are also particularly lacking. This means that software engineers command high salaries.

Analytics and Organisation skills

Some children find maths boring but when they learn coding they can develop their mathematical skills whilst having fun. They engage more with maths when creating a game or app since coding demands it. And of course, coding has to be organised and analysed to make it work.

Having fun while learning

Giving your child a computer coding course provides them with something practical, enjoyable and educational. It also sets them up for a very bright future. Online courses allow them to relax in the comfort of their own home whilst learning.

Coding helps kids in all aspects of their lives, so what better gift to give them? Children as young as 6 are able to grasp the basics of coding and the earlier they start, the better they will be.

Providing your child with the chance to learn computer programming will set them up for life.

Which coding courses to choose

There are plenty of coding courses being offered online. However, you need to check out who is providing them and whether a qualification will be achieved at the end.

At Software Academy our courses are accredited by NCFE, a nationwide recognized awarding body. A certificate from the NCFE proves to prospective universities, colleges or employers that your child has attained the requisite skills.

It’s also important to check the credentials of tutors. Ali Nemati works in the Creative Media Department at University College Kensington and is the MD of Software Academy. Most of our tutors are graduates from Software Academy having been taught by Ali. They also have impressive university degrees in related topics.

For more information about Software Academy coding and computer programming courses contact us on 020 3004 8383.

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