Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Everyone loves Christmas, especially kids, and there’s nothing better than seeing their festive creations around the house during the Christmas period. Better yet, not only will you keep the kids entertained, you could even save some money on decorations! Here are some Christmas craft ideas that can be made using simple bits and bobs found around your home.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

You’re about to create your very own pine cone forest! You can sit these cute decorations on window sills, on the mantle, or even the kid’s bedside table.

What you need:
Pine cones
Old wine corks
Green paint & paintbrushes OR green spray paint
Glue gun
Something for decoration – buttons, beads etc,.

Okay, so you might not have a glue gun laying around the house, but you can pick up a mini one from the craft store for a very reasonable amount and it will come in handy for many future creations. If you’ve got much younger children you could even use something like PVA to make this work.

In this example that we spotted on babble, they’ve gone all out and ordered some mini craft stars from Amazon. However, if you’re feeling frugal you can simply use a button, bead or other small items you already have in your home. It’s all about being creative, so encourage the kids to find their own mini tree toppers amongst the odds and sods you’ve collected.

1. Paint or spray the edges of each pine cone in green, or even white if you want to go for something different.
2. Cut a wine cork in half and glue it to the bottom of the pine cone, once dry.
3. Glue your decoration of choice to the top of your pine cone tree.

Xmas activities for kids

Making Xmas Decorations with Children

(photo source: babble)

HandPrint Santas

This crafty creation is super easy and ideal for younger kids. A unique Santa head made from a handprint. Hang it on the fridge, fireplace or turn it into a card.

What you need:
Plain coloured card
Cotton wool balls
Red, White & Black paint, felt tips or crayons.
PVA glue
Optional googly eyes.

1. Get your kids to draw around their hands on a piece of plain card and carefully cut this out. Fingers can be together or apart, depending on the type of Santa beard you’re going for but the thumb must stick out.
2. Turn the hand cut-out upside down so the fingers are pointing downwards. Use PVA glue to stick down a line of cotton balls along each finger. (excluding the thumb) This will of course form the beard. On the thumb cut-out stick one cotton ball on the end.
3. Use paints, felt tips or crayons to draw a santa hat and eyes at the top of the hand. Use the thumb cut out as the end of the hat. You can also glue down googly eyes if you have them, instead of drawing.

Making Decorations with your Kids

Helping Children Enjoy Christmas Through Arts & Crafts

(photo source: rightstart)

Beaded Candy Canes

We thought we’d throw in a no-mess crafty creation. This is definitely the simplest of the three ideas and requires on two types of things.

What you need:
Pipe Cleaners

1. Fold a ½ cm of the pipe cleaner over to create a little fold, then add beads until you have about 1cm left at the top of the pipe cleaner.
2. Fold the top of the pipe cleaner over to create a stopper so the beads don’t fall off
3. Bend your beaded pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane.

Arts & Crafts for Young Children

Helping Children be Creative over Christmas

(photo source: buggyandbuddy)

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, Pinterest is your best friend for crafty ideas and all-round inspiration!

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