We Need More Kids Days Out!

I’m a great believer in quality family time, it seems to me that kids these days are spending far too much time doing their own thing and missing out on good old fashioned quality family time. Ideally having a family meal together every day would be great but that’s almost a fantasy or living hell and if your kids are like mine then dragging them away from in front of the computer, playstation/xbox or the TV can be quite a struggle, I decided a while back that a few meals a week together would be great, saying that occasionally having a peaceful meal on your own after having fed the brood was good for my digestive system. What I do love doing is persuading them to have a family day out, having children of different sexes doesn’t make it any easier but we take it in turns to decide what we’re going to do, so everybody gets their day and surprisingly enough we all end up having great kids days out.

It was my sons turn last weekend to chose our kids day out, he opted for an outing to a zoo, we went to Regents Park Zoo and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was something for everyone and for all ages, My daughter is hoping for a day shopping for clothes, that may be pushing it for my son, but we’ve agreed on shopping in Greenwich in the morning and visiting the observatory in the afternoon with a run around the park before we go home to exhaust the little darlings, that should make bed time painless! Unfortunately I feel we may be running out of ideas, if anyone wants to share their great day out I’d love to hear about it.

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