Are we nearly there yet?” could soon be a thing of the past!

Travel games for children

Keeping children occupied during car journeys

Let’s be honest – although we love our kids, none of us relish the thought of embarking on a long trip with them. Between the endless choruses and perpetual groans of “Mum, are we there yet?!” to “But I need to go to the toilet again”, it’s any wonder sometimes why we set off on the road at all!

But we do it because of what waits for us at the other end – our family holiday destination! Those special places where we get to leave the daily grind behind and focus on filling our memory banks full of golden beaches, glistening oceans and smiling faces. Places where you can truly relax and connect as a family as you collectively indulge in your temporary surroundings – such things make the stresses of the trip worthwhile.

But what if the journey was an extension of your vacation/holiday rather than a necessary evil? What if rather than the kids counting down the seconds to their arrival they were engrossed in fun, educational games which are both easy to follow and FREE?! com have created a suite of such games for all ages to enjoy whether you’re travelling by road, train or plane.

Games include Car Bingo – where you have to cross off pictures from the sheets provided as you see them out the window, and Consequences, where each participant takes it in turn to draw a section of a person/creature (which has the head pre-drawn on the sheet) without being able to see what the previous person drew.

Simply visit the following page to save, download or print the games of your choice, take them with you on your journey and enjoy hours of feud-free family bliss!

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