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There is no doubt that bunk beds are simply fun for children to sleep in. Sleeping in a bunk bed gives children a sense of adventure, whether it is sleeping in a cosy den or way up high off the ground!

There is a practical side to bunk beds too. They are great for space saving but work equally well in larger rooms where there is a need to have more floor space. Most families think about a bunk bed because they have a need to sleep two siblings in one room and need floor space for all the other essential items of children’s furniture and some space for play. Also bunk beds are a great idea for a child that has a small room and frequently has friends for a sleepover.

A novel idea is to consider sleeping two siblings in one room even though there is another room available. Take the second room and turn it into a playroom for both siblings. This will give them both dedicated room for play, storage and socialising when friends come round. The beauty of this idea is that you can close the door on a messy playroom whilst the children still have a calm, comfortable bedroom to sleep in at night.

If you are considering buying a bunk bed, bear the following things in mind:

1. Safety, Safety, Safety
Bunk beds are suitable for children who are aged six and above. Buy a good quality bunk bed; you are looking for one that has a good reputation and is sturdy and robust. The bunk bed needs to last for some time, so see it as an investment. It is important to give strict rules to the children about the type of play that is allowable on the bunk beds. A few key points are below:

    • No jumping off the top bunk bed
    • Always use the bunk bed steps or ladder to access the top bed
    • Avoid tying ropes or anything similar around the bunk bed that could provide a potential strangulation hazard
    • Look for a bunk bed with good guard rails and comfortable, sturdy steps or ladder to access the top bunk bed. Make sure that you buy mattresses that are made to fit the beds and that the bunk bed itself adheres to European Safety standards.

2. Where will it go?

      • Measure the available space in the room and compare with the dimensions of the bunk bed
      • Consider the ceiling height in the room (particularly in a house with low ceilings). Your child needs to be able to sit up comfortably in the top bed without bumping their head
      • Bunk beds should never be positioned under a ceiling fitting like a light, a ceiling mobile or a fan
      • Do not position the bunk bed next to a window. It could be draughty and may also provide a potential falling hazard
      • If the bed has an under bed drawer, make sure that there is enough room to pull out and access it

If you have any questions or you are considering a bunk bed and want to get more information about bunk beds and the selection that we have at Children’s Funky Furniture, please leave me a comment below.

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