Activities for Kids in London

BFI Southbank are holding a Film Funday on 18th March – Get a sneak preview of the new CBBC Horrible Histories series and Funday Workshop! Tickets: 020 7928 3232

Multi-award winning TV sensation Horrible Histories is back this spring with a fabulous selection of sketches, silly songs and popular pastiches all packed with strange facts, rotten rulers and weird and wonderful moments from the past.

Come along to BFI Southbank armed with your favourite historical story and create your very own horrible history! Pick your favourite characters from the past – they could be a King or a Queen or a Prime Minister or an explorer – and tell us all about them using frightful facts and slimy stories. We invite you to make up a storyboard of your horrible histories with the goriest drawings you can muster and then bring a scene to life in our animation workshop. With prizes on the cards for the most ghastly stories and drawings – come and revel in your chance to be truly horrible at this month’s Funday Workshop.

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